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Job titleNamePhoneE-mailResponsibilities
 Chih-Fei Chen1070EmailOversee, coordinate, and manage all accounting affairs.
Carry out duties assigned by superiors
 Sheng-Chih Liao1075EmailBudget planning and accounts processing for academic departments.
Verification and authorization of training and counseling funds, and registration of specific purpose accounts.
Processing of research funds from the College of Humanities, College of Arts, and the Ministry of Science and Technology.
Petty cash control.
Supervision, inspection, and authorization of procurements.
Accounting records review
 Miao-Chao Shiu1073EmailAccounting records and bank deposit verification.
Student tuition registration and refunds, and re-registration applications.
Safekeeping of receipts.
Preparation and sending of registration fee notices.
Registration of electronic documents.
Preparation of annual budget.
Accounting records review.
 Pei-Chen Lai1072EmailBudget and account processing for administrative divisions.
Account processing for the Lifelong Learning Institute.
Processing of Ministry of Science and Technology research grants for the College of Management, and College of Science and Technology.
Verification and authorization of specific purpose accounts for administrative divisions.
Accounts processing of funds for student admission and recruitment.
Accounts processing of management fees upon the completion of Ministry of Science and Technology research projects.
Design and maintenance of website.
 Hsiao-Ping Chen1074EmailProcessing of 2nd generation health insurance premiums.
Processing of income tax returns.
Processing of library budgeting and accounts.
Processing of student research grants from the Ministry and Science and Technology.
 Chien-Hung Wu1076EmailProcessing of specific purpose accounts and grants for the Teaching Excellence Project.
 Wang Wei-Ling 1077EmailCompilation of monthly accounting report.
Processing of scrapping and disposal of assets.
Issuing and processing of official documents.
Safekeeping of accounting books and receipts.
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